Perceptual Geography

Perceptual Geography is a multimedia project that envisions the “virtual” as a space for capturing the unique aesthetic and transient qualities of light and sound in a particular place over time. This series of digital installations created from numerous images and videos of urban and natural areas consists of navigable, 3D environments where sights and sounds appear over time in their approximate real world locations.

Each environment is created entirely based on embedded metadata in the media, describing when and where each file was captured. Displaying media in immersive environments using metadata alone, without panoramic stitching, proposes a largely unexplored medium for artistic investigation, which reveals unexpected correspondences and juxtapositions, while opening a window onto the creative process.

Each virtual environment uncovers not only how specific geographical areas change over time, but how a photographer/composer/artist moves through and documents a space. The project aims to increase attention and sensitivity to our local environments, while offering a new perspective on what creates a place’s visual and sonic identity.


Past Installations

Santa Barbara for Art, Science and Technology, August 2016
UCSB Elings Hall, White Noise: Media Arts Technology End of Year Show, May 2016
UCSB College of Creative Studies Gallery, July 2015



As part of the project, I have written custom software for Mac OSX, which allows photographers, videographers and sound artists to import their own media and create their own environments. For more information, see MultimediaLocator, or to download the current Beta version, visit the Downloads page.

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