Reconfigured Architecture

Reconfigured Architecture investigates the patterns, rhythms and geometry of buildings in urban settings.  Inspired by the accidental symmetries found in reflections in glass, this series of 30 digital composite images combine photographs with rotated versions of themselves to create unexpected juxtapositions. The prints were presented in a solo exhibition at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center from August 4 until September 5, 2014.

Reconfigured Architecture #29, 2014

Inhabiting the boundary between abstraction and representation, the images employ visual paradoxes to investigate the psychological process of association and suggest dreamlike, alternative realities. My experimental photographic approach, using High Dynamic Range (HDR) software to meld together each image with its rotated version, emerged from an interest in Surrealist photomontage as well as encounters with the photographic works of Robert Weingarten, Edmund Teske and Jerry Uelsmann.

For more information, view the exhibition profile on the VPAC website here.



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